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Advantages of EPON network

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The development of EPON network has the following advantages.


1, high reliability, EPON is optical splitter and fiber, long service life, no active equipment, to avoid power failure, lightning stroke, overcurrent overvoltage damage and other failures, high network reliability, reduce maintenance costs.


2, low cost, EPON technology applicable to single-core optical fiber transmission, than ordinary optical fiber transmission half of the optical fiber. In addition, EPON transmission without external power supply, easy to lay, basic maintenance, to save operating costs and management costs.


3, high bandwidth, 1Gmps symmetric transmission rate, can easily meet the video monitoring service load requirements. The bandwidth of each ONU can be dynamically adjusted between 2M-1Gmps. Each ONU has an average upstream bandwidth of about 30M in an Olt port, which fully meets IPTV requirements.


4, EPON performance-to-price ratio is high, EPON rate can reach 1.25 gb/s of high bandwidth, the maximum rate can reach 10 Gb/s, transmission distance can reach 20 km, very suitable for the coverage of metropolitan area network, basic coverage of medium-sized areas.


5, the network is flexible, the highest optical diversion ratio is 1:64, the tree network structure is adopted, the network topology structure from point to multi-point is built by the combination of different optical splitters, and the optical fiber resources can be saved to the maximum by reasonable network planning and design, it can solve the problem of image collecting and distributing.


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